Terms and Conditions Winter 2021 – 2022

Visit Kilpisjärvi Winter Experiences


By booking a guided winter experience with us you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Please inform us, at the time of booking, each participant’s name, date of birth, nationality and place of residence as well as the name of your accommodations provider in Kilpisjärvi.

We regret but our tours are not suitable for children under 10 years of age.

Your booking is confirmed upon the receipt of a full payment.


If the booking is cancelled at least 31 days before the date of the experience, you are charged a service fee of € 50 to cover our administrative costs. If the cancellation takes place 30 – 8 days before the date of the booked experience, Safaris – The Lapland Connection charges an amount which equals 30% of the reserved services. If the booking is cancelled within 7 days of the date of the booked experience no refund will be made.

Safaris – The Lapland Connection can cancel a confirmed booking if weather conditions are such that the activity cannot be conducted safely or due to other unforeseen circumstances. In this case advance payments will be fully refunded.

Safaris – The Lapland Connection holds the right to change the planned routing, duration and timing of the tour when deemed necessary for safety reasons or for customer comfort.

Safaris – The Lapland Connection has the right to cancel or terminate a tour in the event a participant, in our estimation, is in poor health or may cause danger to him / herself or to others.

Please note that special cancellation terms may be applied to group and high season bookings and to customized trips. These will be established at the time of the booking.


You can rent a set of protective clothing from us. The set consists of a snowsuit, boots and socks, balaclava and mittens. The cost is € 15 per person per day. When you book three excursions on consecutive days with us, we provide the clothing free of charge.

Helmets are mandatory for snowmobile drivers and passengers as well as for snowmobile sledge passengers and they are included in the tour price.

Kindly inform us each participant’s size information so that we can fit you appropriately: height in cm, weight in kg, shoe size. We deliver outfits to most Kilpisjärvi holiday apartments and cottages and collect them from the same place after the excursion. You can send the size information to us by e-mail latest 1 week before the booked experience.

Degree of Difficulty on Safaris & Tours

Our Safaris & Tours are suitable for persons who have a normal level of physical fitness. The degree of difficulty is an indication of the physical endurance needed for participation, but it is noteworthy that the level of difficulty is a personal experience.

While our passenger sled transport tours (“Border Safari”, “The Arctic Evening Experience”, “The Tundra Experience”, “Conquering Mt. Halti”) as well as the Husky Sled Ride do not involve much physical effort, exposure to the freezing temperatures can affect you in different ways, depending on how you are dressed, medical conditions you might have, and for how long you are out in the cold. Exposure to cold can cause various physical challenges, such as breathing difficulty, fatigue, frostbite, mild hypothermia.

“Catch a glimpse of local life” takes place on the village roads and nature trails, which at times can be ice and slippery.

Snowmobile driving can be physically challenging and you should consult with your doctor if you have any health issues before booking such an activity.

Pregnant women are not advised to participate in our tours because of the vibrations caused by snowmobile and passenger sled transport and the possible harm caused by exhaust fumes.

Temperatures during the snow season vary between – 5 C and – 35 C ( 23 F to – 31 F). We do not cancel our departures due to cold weather. You should be prepared with several layers of clothing suitable for the cold temperatures and rent snowsuit gear from us if your own outdoor clothing is not sufficient to keep the cold at bay. We provide warm overcoats to each tour participant, along with protective helmets and balaclavas.


Guiding takes place in English and / or Finnish. Guiding is also available in French during “Catch a glimpse of local life”. Private parties can book a French-speaking guide for any of the other tours at a supplemental cost of € 40 / hour (charged for the duration of the tour.)

Prices and Payment

Prices are quoted in Euro and they include Value Added Tax. The right is reserved to revise prices if necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, such as increase in taxes.

Advance payments can be made by wire transfer to our bank or by PayPal. Bookings on site can be paid in cash (euros only) and a major credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard).

Snowmobile Driving

A snowmobile can be shared by two persons so that one is driving and the other is sitting in the passenger seat, or it can be driven solo by one person. Snowmobile safaris, like other tours, are subject to weather conditions. During the early stages of the snow season snowmobile safaris are rarely possible due to the difficult driving conditions caused by weather.

The driver of a snowmobile must be at least 18 years of age and in possession of a valid driver’s permit which entitles the holder to drive a car in Finland.

The driver of a snowmobile is held liable for damages to the vehicle. For each snowmobile, a € 1200 damage deposit is required. A charge will be placed on your credit card and released once the snowmobile is returned with no damage. If the snowmobile is damaged (broken light, windshield, body parts, etc. ) the driver is responsible for the cost of parts and labour and the cost of the snowmobile transfer to the repair shop, as well for the cost of any missed rental time stemming from the repair. The maximum self-liability amount is € 1200 per snowmobile and per incident.

The mandatory snowmobile traffic insurance, which is included in the price of the excursion for self-drivers as well as for sled passengers, covers medical care for injury to the driver and to the passenger arising from accidents, as determined and paid by said insurance company.

Driving a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol or narcotics is strictly forbidden by law.

Operation of the Programs

The operation of our guided experiences is always subject to prevailing weather conditions.

Most of our tours are offered throughout the snow season which in Kilpisjärvi typically starts in late November and lasts until the end of April and even to early May. Please refer to the program descriptions for operational dates of each tour.

Responsibility of Safaris – The Lapland Connection

Our company carries liability insurance. We recommend personal travel and accident insurance as we cannot accept responsibility for tour participants’ personal injury or material damage, with the exception of injuries arising out of snowmobile driving or snowmobile riding accidents, which are governed by the Traffic Insurance company policy.

While Safaris – The Lapland Connection exercises caution and appropriate safety measures in organizing these tours, the customer is always participating at his/her own risk. Youngsters over 10 years and under the age of 18 years can participate in our tours provided they are in the company of and supervised by their parents or legal guardian at all times.

Please be aware that the Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, is a natural phenomenon and its sightings cannot be guaranteed, and therefore the advance tour payment is not refunded if the Northern Lights are not visible. Booked departures of The Arctic Evening Experience will be carried on regardless of weather.

In the case of force majeure which results in the cancellation of a confirmed excursion, the responsibility of Safaris – The Lapland Connection is limited to refunding the cost of any advance payment for such cancelled excursion.

If not resolved by negotation, any possible dispute shall be settled in the District Court of Lapland (Lapin Käräjäoikeus in Finnish).

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