Our Story in Kilpisjärvi, Lapland

Are you looking for a perfect place to visit during your holiday? Welcome to visit Kilpisjärvi in Arctic Lapland! Our home village is located in the far northwestern corner of Lapland, where three countries, Finland, Norway and Sweden meet.

Our story started in August 1991. That’s when we, Martti and Sinikka Niskanen, founded an adventure activity outfitter in Sea-Lapland. Martti is a native Laplander, and Sinikka is originally from the south of Finland. We are both travel business professionals with extensive experience and we had found a common tune, in both personal and in business life.

Later that same year, in November, just when the northwestern corner of Finnish Lapland was wrapped in the soft colors of the Polar Night, we made our first trip together to visit Kilpisjärvi. And it was love at first sight! Ever since that autumn we took every opportunity to visit Kilpisjärvi. We traveled here often with and without customers until we finally settled here permanently in the spring of 2006.

Since then we have designed and delivered travel experiences in Kilpisjärvi. Our guests come from all corners of the globe, during the eight seasons of our Arctic year. We are very fortunate to live here in Finnish Lapland’s only mountain village where three nations and many cultures come together.

We hope to share the magnificence of our nature and the richness of our culture, which are part of our daily life, with you.

Welcome to experience Destination Kilpisjärvi in Arctic Lapland, Finland
and our Arctic life with us!

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