For Your Privacy

What customer information is collected from you

We will ask you for the following information when you contact us by phone or by e-mail or when you send us a Booking Request form found on our website:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address

This information of you is used to send you a reply or to send you an offer to your request or to send you comments to your feedback.

Additionally we will request the following personal information when you confirm a booking with us:

  • Contact information: your home address and phone number, and the name of accommodations during your stay in Kilpisjärvi
  • Personal information: your age, gender, mother tongue and nationality and your clothing size information.

The contact information is needed and used in order to get in touch with you about your booking.

The personal information is needed for customer service and for ensuring your safety and comfort during the booked activity, in accordance with the legal requirements for consumer safety and the instructions of Tukes, the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, for the promotion of customer safety during guided experiences. The clothing size information is needed if you wish to rent a set of warm protective outdoor clothing to wear during the booked activities.

We do not collect and store information of visitors on our websites nor from our Facebook page likes or comments, nor from unsolicited customer feedback which may appear in travel related websites.

How customer information is used and shared

Only the owners and employees of Safaris – The Lapland Connection have access to the information collected from you. All information is collected solely for the purpose of reservations and customer service.

We will never forward, rent or sell customer information to third parties. In exceptional circumstances, such as accidents, we may be required to forward customer information to police authorities, rescue service or health care personnel. During the Covid-19 pandemic if and when border crossing restrictions are in place we share your personal information with the Finnish Border Guard in order to apply for and obtain the appropriate permits for crossing the border between Finland and Sweden.

We do not use the customer information to send unsolicited marketing messages to you.

We cannot accept responsibility for our website provider’s or Facebook’s privacy policy practice.

Customer right to access and control information

As our customer, you have a right to see all information collected of you and ask us to delete any such information, with the exception of information which is by law required to be archived, e.g. accounting records. Please contact us at laplandcollection(at) with your request.

Security of the collected information

The database in which we store your personal information is in a secure environment. Your information is kept in our database for no more than two years from the date the service is rendered.  Additionally your information may appear in our bookkeeping records for as long as the legal requirement is for the maintenance of accounting material.

Contact details

If  you have any question about our privacy policy please contact us at laplandconnection(at)

Please note that we may need to revise our Privacy Policy from time to time. The up-to-date policy is always posted on our website

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