Visit Kilpisjärvi Off-Season – with Aurora Borealis In-Season in Autumn 2020!

Avoid the crowds and enjoy the incredible calmness of a sleepy little arctic village, and visit Kilpisjärvi off-season! Here in the Arctic there are eight seasons, based on the annual cycle of reindeer herding and the rhythm of the nature. The locals keep busy with various chores in preparation for winter. The birch trees get ready for winter by dropping their leaves, and birds and other animals which do not migrate south change to their winter coats.

The traditional winter activities that Lapland is famous for – snowmobiling and dog sledding at the top of the list – are not available until late November or early December when there’s a thick enough snow and ice cover to perform these activities safely. But the Aurora Borealis are at home in Kilpisjärvi. Statistically you are in the right place for the viewing of Aurora right here as they are visible on three nights out of four.

Please note that all our tours are private experiences for 1 – 6 persons. The meeting point for all tours is in the village center.

Autumn Nature Trip

In October the sun is still high and the days can be pleasantly warm, but they can also be cloudy, rainy and windy. The nights are frosty and the first snowfalls cover the ground. The lake starts slowly freezing over.

Autumn turns into early winter in November. The days grow quickly shorter until finally the polar night, called ”kaamos” in Finnish, sets in at the end of the month. The sun dips below the horizon, not to rise again until the middle of January. This is the time of the beautiful blue dusk which replaces sunlight around noon hours. The ground is wrapped in a blanket of snow which provides plenty of light, and the lake starts forming its solid ice cover. While the average temperature is just below freezing in October, it’s – 7 degrees Celsius in November.

During the Autumn Nature Trip we’ll walk from the village towards Lake Tsahkal, admire a waterfall on the way, continuing the trek above the tree line, observing the signs of winter’s arrival. The route is a varied nature trail. A picnic lunch is enjoyed around open fire.

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Departures for 1 – 6 persons from October 1 until the start of the Winter Season
  • Price: € 55 / person for 4 – 6 persons, € 75 / person for 2 – 3 persons, € 150 for a solo traveler
  • Price includes: Guiding, Nordic walking poles (snowshoes weather requiring), picnic lunch by open fire
  • Degree of difficulty: Moderate. You should be in good health, with average level of fitness.

The Autumn Evening Experience

Peaceful darkness, a warming camp fire, good company – and the anticipation: Is ”Lady Aurora” in the dancing mood tonight?

The best thing about Kilpisjärvi, from the point of view of the northern lights enthusiast, is that according to statistics, Aurora Borealis appear more frequently here than anywhere else in Lapland.

What’s needed is a clear sky, a good vantage point away from artificial lights, and a bit of luck. We’ll walk to the edge of the village where the northern sky can be seen. Coffee, tea, homemade cake and good stories around camp fire are on the agenda.

  • Duration: 2,5 hours
  • Departures for 1 – 6 persons from October 1 until the start of the Winter Season
  • Price: € 50 / person for 4 – 6 persons, € 65 / person for 2 – 3 persons, € 130 for a solo traveler
  • Price includes: Guiding, loan of head light and tripod, snack by open fire
  • Degree of difficulty: Easy

Catch a Glimpse of Local Life

The Village of Kilpisjärvi, with its 100 permanent residents, is Finland’s sole mountain village. at nearly 500 meters above the sea level. During the guided walk around the village you’ll learn about its development from birth to present day.

Nestling on the shore of a crystal-clear lake, in the lap of the highest peaks of Finland and the Scandinavian mountain range, the village with its surroundings offers breathtaking scenery and a calm oasis for all senses.

The lay of the land becomes familiar as you’ll admire the scenery dominated by the magnificent Mt. Saana and the sharp-edged mountains at the far end of the lake where the three countries, Norway, Finland and Sweden meet at the world’s northernmost tripoint.

You’ll hear about the local Sámi population and about reindeer herding, what the village people do for a living and about their everyday life in this remote corner of the country.

The tour ends in the guide’s home for a cup of coffee, home made pastries and a photo trip through the eight seasons.

  • Duration: 2,5 hours
  • Departures for 1 – 6 persons from October 1 until the start of the Winter Season
  • Price: € 45 / person for 4 – 6 persons, € 60 / persons for 2 – 3 persons, € 120 for a solo traveler
  • Price includes: Guiding, coffee / tea with cake. During the snow season a kick-sled will be at the guests’ disposal, weather conditions allowing.
  • Degree of difficulty: Easy

Autumn Hike with Siberian Huskies

The dog sledding season starts as soon as winter sets in, normally in the latter part of November, but our Siberian huskies love to meet people, get out and explore all year round.

When walking with a husky you’ll be equipped with a belt to which the dog is attached by a leash. Kindly bear in mind that Siberians are highly energetic and inquisitive dogs and walking with them can be energy consuming. The length of the walk is  2 – 4 km and a break is made at half point to enjoy a hot beverage. Our huskies love attention and meeting new people. This is more than a tour – it’s making friends! 

  • Duration: 1,5 hours
  • Departures for 1 – 6 persons starting on October 1 until the start of the Winter Season
  • Price: € 60 / 1 – 2 persons + € 5 each for additional persons
  • Price includes: Guiding, one Siberian husky to be shared by two adults, hot beverage
  • Degree of difficulty: Easy

Good to Know

  • You can make a booking for Late Autumn Season 2020 by sending in a booking request form.
  • You can rent a set of protective clothing which includes a thermal snowsuit, boots and socks, balaclava and mittens. The cost is € 15 / person / day and the set is at your disposal during the duration of the trip(s). When you book all three excursions the outfit is provided without charge.
  • Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information and booking terms.
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