Destination: Kilpisjärvi 69° N & 20° E

We love Kilpisjärvi!  And we are pretty sure you will love it, too.  This little village of only a hundred permanent residents makes its home in the remotest corner of northwestern Lapland in Finland, near the tripoint where the countries of Finland, Sweden and Norway meet.  This is where you’ll find the longest winter in Finland, the deepest snow and the highest mountains – which we call “tunturi” in Finnish, or “fell” in English.  This is where you will find the cleanest air and the purest water and the most frequently appearing Aurora Borealis.  Kilpisjärvi is the only “alpine” village in Finland and the scenery is breathtaking!

To start your winter visit, get your bearings on our Border Safari to the Three Country Cairn, it’s the perfect introduction to the region.  Our Snowshoe Trek is the silent way to observe the nature – takes a little effort but is well worth it.  Kilpisjärvi is a great place for chasing Northern Lights and we frequently go out after them in autumn and winter.  It really is pure magic when you get to see Aurora Borealis dance across the sky!  And the joy of catching a fish through a hole you drilled in the ice – the Tundra Experience is perfect if you want to try your luck in ice fishing and when you want to enjoy the panoramic vistas and the tranquility of a remote wilderness.  Learning to become a “dog musher” and driving a dog sled pulled by friendly, joyful Siberian huskies is something you will not want to miss.  Here in Kilpisjärvi you can easily conquer the highest top of Finland, the Halti Fell, by joining our snowmobile trip there – sit back comfortably in a snowmobile-driven sledge or drive a snowmobile which in itself is a thrilling experience.  You are always accompanied by a professional experienced guide on all these excursions.  To see the tour prescriptions and prices go to  Safaris & Tours in Kilpisjärvi during the snow season.

Summer is equally fascinating, with two months of nightless nights when the sun never dips below the horizon.  In summer we’ll fill your days with hiking with our Siberian huskies on a scenic nature trail, fishing on a crystal-clear lake, river rafting in two countries on one trip as you’ll zigzag from Finland to Sweden and back, on the border river between the two countries, and terrain biking in the borderland of Finland and Norway.  Check out Safaris & Tours in Kilpisjärvi Summer & Autumn for information on our guided summer tours.  You can get acquainted with the region’s iconic landmark Saana Fell and the unique Malla Nature Reserve by browsing our  Summer in Kilpisjärvi: Day Trip Suggestions for excursions you can choose to do with or without a guide.

For more information about Kilpisjärvi and the surrounding Käsivarsi Wilderness area, how to reach us, where to stay and what to do, please also check out the website of Kilpisjärvi village , the travel info pages of the municipality of Enontekiö, as well as the website of Finnish National Parks.

Map of Finland with Kilpisjärvi

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