Spring, sun and fun!


The month of March is half gone already!  Believe it or not, we are speedily heading towards the nightless nights. . . But for another month and a half we continue with Snow Time!

The Husky Team led by Mr. Peni and a guest as the musher, in February.

So far this winter we’ve been quite busy,  with guests from all corners of the globe: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, all across Europe, the Middle East, Russia, South Africa, the United States. . . It’s been fun to meet people from so many different countries and cultures who have one thing in common: they arrive in Kilpisjärvi to enjoy our fantastic winter!

The village is enjoying peaceful moments during a cold spell in January.

Winter is now turning to spring here in Kilpisjärvi and that means that our days are long and filled with light, and the cold spells – when the temperature kept hovering around – 30 C / – 22 F – are mostly behind us. Not that the cold weather kept us and our visitors from enjoying the outdoors.  The saying goes that there’s no such a thing as bad and cold weather – only unsuitable clothing.

On the way to conquer Mt. Halti. Photo taken in May 2018.

The spring days are perfect for conquering Mt. Halti – the highest peak of Finland, and the height of the season for these trips is in April and early May.  Lots of cross-country skiers are expected to arrive in Kilpisjärvi to enjoy the sun-filled days on the tundra – and the easiest way to get amidst the most stunning landscapes is to book a snowmobile sledge transfer from us and ski back to the village. 

Our holiday season and winter programs for 2019 – 2020 will be published soon on this website. Meanwhile, feel free to contact us by e-mail laplandconnection(at)gmail.com with your questions. And – it’s still not too late to book your Snow Time for this winter – we are at your service!

Goodbye Polar Night!

Mt. Saana reflecing the first rays of sunlight after the termination of the Polar Night

The period called the Polar Night enters Kilpisjärvi at the end of November and leaves again in the middle of January. During this time, which we in Finnish call “kaamos”, the sun does not rise above the horizon. The midday hours are wrapped in soft hues of blue light and the sky line is often blazing with various shades of orange. If you haven’t experienced the Polar Night, add it on your bucket list and start planning a trip to Kilpisjärvi next December!

Winter is here in Kilpisjärvi!

Mt. Saana, the “home rock” which dominates the landscape in Kilpisjärvi

Here we are, once again surrounded by the beauty of the Polar Night! The sun set on November 30 and will stay below the horizon until the next sunrise on January 12. This photo of Mt. Saana, our “home rock” here in the village of Kilpisjärvi, was taken today in early afternoon. As you can see, it’s not totally dark here – on the contrary, at midday the landscape is wrapped in fascinating pastel colors. Kilpisjärvi beckons more and more travelers with frequent displays of the Aurora Borealis, and we offer tours in search of what is probably Planet Earth’s most spectacular light show.

Our most sought-after daytime tours are the Husky Sled Ride and The Border Safari to the Three-Country Cairn. During the Husky Sled Ride you’ll learn to be a “musher” of our team of Siberian husky dogs, and when you book the Border Safari you can choose either a seat in the snowmobile passenger sled or a snowmobile driving tour.

Lake Kilpisjärvi is frozen solid now and allowing us to take visitors on a snowmobile safari to the Three-Country Cairn.

Our most sought-after daytime tours are the Husky Sled Ride and The Border Safari to the Three-Country Cairn. During the Husky Sled Ride you’ll learn to be a “musher” of our team of Siberian husky dogs, and when you book the Border Safari you can choose either a seat in the snowmobile passenger sled or a snowmobile driving tour.

Please check our guided winter tours for descriptions and prices – and do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.  You will find the booking request form here.

Have you checked out our Instagram?  You’ll find it in the lower left corner of this page.  Have a look at the video where Husky Puppies Nalle and Nekku, 4 months old yesterday, are training to be future sleddogs, by running on the side of our adult husky team. 

See you in Kilpisjärvi!  Welcome!

Pour nos clients francophones: Veuillez voir s.v.p. nos programmes d’hiver en français ici.

Late Summer in Kilpisjärvi


Late summerOne of our eight seasons – that’s right, eight, not four  – is late summer.  In Finnish we call it “syyskesä” which literally translates to autumnal summer.  Days are getting short and evenings turn dark.  The first northern lights appear already in August.  Daytime weather is cool and at night the air can be chilly, even frosty.  It’s blueberry harvest season – this super food of the Finnish nature is now ripe to be picked.  Reindeer – Lapland’s native animal – can be seen roaming around the village.  The “ruska season” is starting to paint the nature in a feast of autumn colors, and by late September winter will be on its way.

This is a perfect time to visit Kilpisjärvi and enjoy the great outdoors: Conquer the iconic Saana Fell, trek to the Three-Country Cairn, go on a guided fishing trip or biking tour and hike with Siberian huskies in our peaceful, pure nature. . .

Summer is here in Kilpisjärvi and next winter already around the corner. . .


Before we start praising our wonderful summer – which is just starting here in Kilpisjärvi – it’s time for the good news about next winter:  Safaris & Tours for winter 2018-2019 are now published on our website and we are ready to accept bookings.

It’s early summer here (if you’re well versed in the seasonal changes of the arctic region of Kilpisjärvi, you know that we have eight seasons rather than four and that the real summer does not start until later in June), with daytime temperature between + 5 C and + 10 C (in the 40’s Fahrenheit).  Next week we launch our summer programs:  fishing (for your dinner!), river rafting (in Finland and in Sweden, during the same trip), terrain biking (by the Finnish-Norwegian border), hiking with our Siberian huskies, and exploring nature in our magnificent “fell country”.

The midnight sun keeps us company until July 24.  After the sun sets the evenings start turning dark really fast, so by the end of August we usually have our first sightings of Aurora Borealis.  And then, in the first part of September, it’s time for the autumn colors, nature’s grand festival before starting to prepare for winter.  Our short and sweet summer should be on your bucket list!


Winter is back – in Kilpisjärvi!


No doubt about it – winter has arrived in Kilpisjärvi!  Thanks to our northern high-altitude location we get to enjoy winter earlier than most places in Lapland, and by now the ground is covered by a 20-cm blanket of snow and the temperature stays below 0 degrees Celsius.  Lake Kilpisjärvi is in the process of forming its permanent solid ice cover, and we expect to launch the winter season on schedule in the beginning of December , if not earlier.  Check out our our winter activities  and book your holiday to Lapland’s winter wonderland!

Meanwhile we observe the signs of winter’s arrival on Autumn Nature Trail,  we get acquainted with the history and culture of our village on a walking tour and chaise the Northern Lights which statistically appear in Kilpisjärvi more often than anywhere else in Lapland – welcome to Discover Kilpisjärvi Off-Season!

Farewell to Fall!


Autumn is slowly turning to winter here in the arctic. We’ve had a gorgeous “Ruska”, the time of autumn colors, when nature celebrates the end of summer and starts preparing for the snow season.  The season for Aurora Borelias is here again – it starts already in August when the nights get dark.  The first snow paid us a brief visit some time ago, only to disappear again – but permanent snow cover is expected by November.

If all goes according to plans, we launch the winter activities in the beginning of December.  In the meantime, check out what Kilpisjärvi is like in the “off-season” in October and November –  you  might find this to be the perfect time to visit the Top of Lapland!  Please send us an e-mail to laplandconnection(at)gmail.com or give us a call and we’ll help you plan your trip.