Late Summer in Kilpisjärvi


Late summerOne of our eight seasons – that’s right, eight, not four  – is late summer.  In Finnish we call it “syyskesä” which literally translates to autumnal summer.  Days are getting short and evenings turn dark.  The first northern lights appear already in August.  Daytime weather is cool and at night the air can be chilly, even frosty.  It’s blueberry harvest season – this super food of the Finnish nature is now ripe to be picked.  Reindeer – Lapland’s native animal – can be seen roaming around the village.  The “ruska season” is starting to paint the nature in a feast of autumn colors, and by late September winter will be on its way.

This is a perfect time to visit Kilpisjärvi and enjoy the great outdoors: Conquer the iconic Saana Fell, trek to the Three-Country Cairn, go on a guided fishing trip or biking tour and hike with Siberian huskies in our peaceful, pure nature. . .

Summer Holiday – and already missing winter!


A rare “heat wave” is washing over the arctic and here in Kilpisjärvi we’ve been pampered with unusually warm temperatures for a couple of weeks now – +20 C / 68 F is quite warm for us!  The nightless nights have been the source of plenty of sun and light, enough to last us for the long winter ahead.  The sun will set tomorrow, on July 24, for the first time in two months.

We and the huskies are on summer holiday, enjoying every moment  – but already missing winter!  If you, too, are missing winter, check out our guided winter activities “Safaris & Tours”.  And book your Kilpisjärvi winter holiday now!



Summer is here in Kilpisjärvi and next winter already around the corner. . .


Before we start praising our wonderful summer – which is just starting here in Kilpisjärvi – it’s time for the good news about next winter:  Safaris & Tours for winter 2018-2019 are now published on our website and we are ready to accept bookings.

It’s early summer here (if you’re well versed in the seasonal changes of the arctic region of Kilpisjärvi, you know that we have eight seasons rather than four and that the real summer does not start until later in June), with daytime temperature between + 5 C and + 10 C (in the 40’s Fahrenheit).  Next week we launch our summer programs:  fishing (for your dinner!), river rafting (in Finland and in Sweden, during the same trip), terrain biking (by the Finnish-Norwegian border), hiking with our Siberian huskies, and exploring nature in our magnificent “fell country”.

The midnight sun keeps us company until July 24.  After the sun sets the evenings start turning dark really fast, so by the end of August we usually have our first sightings of Aurora Borealis.  And then, in the first part of September, it’s time for the autumn colors, nature’s grand festival before starting to prepare for winter.  Our short and sweet summer should be on your bucket list!


Summer Memories


Arctic summer is short and beautiful beyond description.   Now we are eagerly waiting for “Ruska”, nature’s autumn color festival.  It’s different every year and there is no way of knowing how flamboyant the colors turn out to be.    One thing is for sure, though:  every year Ruska attracts lots of visitors here to Kilpisjärvi, mostly Finns but in recent years more and more from foreign countries.  We’ll take them hiking to Malla Nature Reserve, to visit the Three-Country Cairn and to conquer Saana Fell.  More information about these popular day trips can be  found here.

On the beach

Midsummer Eve, June 23, on the shore of Lake Kilpisjärvi. The lake had just freed itself from ice . Midsummer marks the beginning of summer.

Martti with guest conquering Halti Fell

Halti is the highest peak in Finland, and conquering the summit is the dream of many visitors.

Sinikka with Husky Peni

Huskies enjoy summer, too! Daily walks, kick-bike runs and swimming are their favorite summer hobbies.

Guided fishing trips, river rafting and terrain biking trips will be carried out until late September.  Check them out here:  Safaris & Tours in Kilpisjärvi Summer & Autumn 2017

See you in Kilpisjärvi!

Arctic summer. . . is almost here. . .


As surprising as it may sound to the visitor planning a summer trip to Kilpisjärvi, to us locals it’s business as usual:  summer arrives mid- to late June.  Sometimes as early as in the last days of May, occasionally as late as in early July.  Today on the 19th of June Lake Kilpisjärvi is still mostly frozen, the daytime temperature hovers around + 10 C, the arctic birches are turning green.  River rafting and boat trips have to wait until the lake lets go of its ice cover.  Meanwhile, we are trekking and observing the signs of summer’s arrival.  If you need a guide to accompany you on a nature trail or a cultural tour around the village, give us a call!  See you in Kilpisjärvi!


Winter Fun Goes On. . . And Summer is Around the Corner!

Arctic Traffic

Arctic traffic on the tundra.  Saana Fell on the background.

Reports of the winter season closing at the end of March were indeed greatly exaggerated!  Here in Kilpisjärvi we keep going on, with snowmobiles, dog sleds, cross-country skis and snowshoes well into May.

Yet, summer is just around the corner, and with the weather’s cooperation we’ll launch summer activities in mid-June.  The nightless night is here in three weeks’ time!

Kilpisjärvi is amazing in winter, and it’s just as amazing in summer.    Take a look at our guided summer tours. 

We’ll take you fishing, terrain biking and river rafting.  We’ll guide you to the iconic Saana Fell, to the Three-Country Cairn and to Malla Nature Reserve.  See you in Kilpisjärvi!



Goodbye Summer!


It’s that time of the year again when we say farewell to summer and start preparing for the snow season.  We’ve been busy hiking, fishing, river rafting, picking cloudberries and blueberries. . . enjoying the fantastic nature all around us.

It’s not too soon to start planning your fall or winter holiday in Kilpisjärvi.  If you want to visit in October or November please have a look at  Discover Kilpisjärvi Off-Season! From December on – earlier if the weather conditions allow – we’ll launch the winter activities,such as excursions to the three-country border, ice fishing, snowshoeing, husky sled rides and northern lights chase!

To find accommodations and other useful information check out Kilpisjärvi’s official  website.

Tervetuloa! Welcome!  Bienvenue!  Willkommen!