Goodbye Polar Night!

Mt. Saana reflecing the first rays of sunlight after the termination of the Polar Night

The period called the Polar Night enters Kilpisjärvi at the end of November and leaves again in the middle of January. During this time, which we in Finnish call “kaamos”, the sun does not rise above the horizon. The midday hours are wrapped in soft hues of blue light and the sky line is often blazing with various shades of orange. If you haven’t experienced the Polar Night, add it on your bucket list and start planning a trip to Kilpisjärvi next December!

Winter is here in Kilpisjärvi!

Mt. Saana, the “home rock” which dominates the landscape in Kilpisjärvi

Here we are, once again surrounded by the beauty of the Polar Night! The sun set on November 30 and will stay below the horizon until the next sunrise on January 12. This photo of Mt. Saana, our “home rock” here in the village of Kilpisjärvi, was taken today in early afternoon. As you can see, it’s not totally dark here – on the contrary, at midday the landscape is wrapped in fascinating pastel colors. Kilpisjärvi beckons more and more travelers with frequent displays of the Aurora Borealis, and we offer tours in search of what is probably Planet Earth’s most spectacular light show.

Our most sought-after daytime tours are the Husky Sled Ride and The Border Safari to the Three-Country Cairn. During the Husky Sled Ride you’ll learn to be a “musher” of our team of Siberian husky dogs, and when you book the Border Safari you can choose either a seat in the snowmobile passenger sled or a snowmobile driving tour.

Lake Kilpisjärvi is frozen solid now and allowing us to take visitors on a snowmobile safari to the Three-Country Cairn.

Our most sought-after daytime tours are the Husky Sled Ride and The Border Safari to the Three-Country Cairn. During the Husky Sled Ride you’ll learn to be a “musher” of our team of Siberian husky dogs, and when you book the Border Safari you can choose either a seat in the snowmobile passenger sled or a snowmobile driving tour.

Please check our guided winter tours for descriptions and prices – and do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.  You will find the booking request form here.

Have you checked out our Instagram?  You’ll find it in the lower left corner of this page.  Have a look at the video where Husky Puppies Nalle and Nekku, 4 months old yesterday, are training to be future sleddogs, by running on the side of our adult husky team. 

See you in Kilpisjärvi!  Welcome!

Pour nos clients francophones: Veuillez voir s.v.p. nos programmes d’hiver en français ici.

White Friday in Kilpisjärvi!


Recent news of Lapland’s winter being cancelled have been greatly exaggerated!

Here in Kilpisjärvi winter has arrived in time for us to launch our winter Safaris & Tours in the beginning of December. Stay tuned!  Meanwhile, we are keeping busy with preparations for the new season, especially with Husky Peni and Husky Maya’s offspring who were born in August.  Nalle and Nekku are future sleddogs in our husky family.

To book our Winter Safaris & Tours please send us an e-mail or fill out and send the booking form.

See you in Kilpisjärvi!

Heading Into Arctic Winter!



Kilpisjärvi got its first official snowfall on September 25.  Not a moment too soon in our opinion!  We love winter, our Siberian huskies love winter, and our customers love winter!  We are busily preparing for the winter season which will be launched in November, as soon as the weather conditions allow us to do so.  Stay tuned!

Our Siberian husky team earned us a place among Top 10 Husky Dog Blogs on the web.  Thank you so much Feedspot – this was a big surprise and our team sends you and your panelists the best regards from Lapland!

In addition to getting us international fame, our husky family has kept busy with the addition of two puppies, Nalle and Nekku , who were born on August 10.  The little boys are growing fast and will start their sled dog training during the winter months.  Check out our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram for photos and videos of our husky family and our life here in the arctic.

Our Safaris & Tours feature a collection of guided activities designed to offer you the best of Lapland’s winter: dog sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoe trekking, ice fishing, picnic around open fire, chasing the northern lights. The village of Kilpisjärvi  with its one hundred permanent residents is a one-of-a-kind arctic destination – still small, still off the beaten track, boasting the most amazing landscapes in all Lapland.  If you wish to experience winter in Kilpisjärvi, please send us an e-mail with your request or fill the Booking Request Form – we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

“Rostock Rotates” visited us last January and shared with us this video of the Husky Sled Ride which is without doubt our most popular tour.  Check it out and enjoy the ride!


Late Summer in Kilpisjärvi


Late summerOne of our eight seasons – that’s right, eight, not four  – is late summer.  In Finnish we call it “syyskesä” which literally translates to autumnal summer.  Days are getting short and evenings turn dark.  The first northern lights appear already in August.  Daytime weather is cool and at night the air can be chilly, even frosty.  It’s blueberry harvest season – this super food of the Finnish nature is now ripe to be picked.  Reindeer – Lapland’s native animal – can be seen roaming around the village.  The “ruska season” is starting to paint the nature in a feast of autumn colors, and by late September winter will be on its way.

This is a perfect time to visit Kilpisjärvi and enjoy the great outdoors: Conquer the iconic Saana Fell, trek to the Three-Country Cairn, go on a guided fishing trip or biking tour and hike with Siberian huskies in our peaceful, pure nature. . .

The Snow Season is officially over!



We are not exaggerating when we say that Kilpisjärvi enjoys the longest snow season in Lapland!  We launched the Winter Safaris & Tours in November and we packed up the snowmobiles, the snowshoes and the dog sled in early May.  And what a season it was:  visitors from literally around the globe!  As in previous years, the top two were  Border Safari to the Three-Country Cairn of Finland, Norway and Sweden and the Husky Sled Ride.  Heartfelt thank you to all our guests for having chosen the village of Kilpisjärvi and Safaris – The Lapland Connection!  Stay tuned, next winter’s Safaris & Tours will be published soon.  Meanwhile, plan a trip to Kilpisjärvi’s arctic summer and check out the best offers in the following: Day trip suggestions and Summer Safaris & Tours.  

See you in Kilpisjärvi!

Ajankohtaista: Kuljetukset tunturiin, opastus Haltille ja uraluvat


On the tundra

Viemme Sinut ja varusteesi Kilpisjärveltä moottorikelkan rekikyydissä tunturiin.  Hinnat ovat kokonaishintoja kuljetuksesta, johon mahtuu 5 – 6 henkilöä tavaroineen (tavaroiden max. paino 40 kg / henkilö).  Hintaesimerkkejä (sis. alv):

Kolmen valtakunnan rajapyykki  € 80
Termisjärvi    € 100
Saarijärvi   € 100
Kuonjarjoki    € 130
Meeko   € 160
Pitsus  € 210
Halti  € 250
Somas   € 250
Rostojärvi (Ruotsi)   € 280

Meiltä myös opastus ja uraluvat Haltin valloitukseen omilla moottorikelkoilla ajaville.  Hinta € 250 (opas omalla kelkalla), uralupa € 10 / kuljettaja.

Jos tarvitset lisätietoja tai haluat tehdä varauksen, lähetä meille sähköpostia osoitteeseen laplandconnection(at) tai soita numeroon 040 142 6061.