The winter season is in full swing now!  The Polar Night officially ended on January 11, but so far we’ve only seen an occasional glimpse of the sun while she’s been hiding behind the Swedish mountain range and we’ve also had a lot of snowfall recently.  The snow depth exceeds one meter – plenty for all sorts of winter fun:  snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowshoe trekking and dog sledding.  The days are getting longer at a very fast pace – now it’s about 4 hours and 30 minutes from sunrise to sunset plus a lengthy twilight period before and after.

For current news and lots of photos – quite breathtaking shots of Aurora Borealis included – check out the facebook pages of Kilpisjärvi Village and of Destination Enontekiö.    Cross-country skiers might want to get familiar with the site of Käsivarsi WIlderness Area. 

And we are just an e-mail or a phone call away for advice and bookings.  See you in Kilpisjärvi!


The sun set today at 12:41 PM and will rise again on January 11.  Darkness for a month and a half!  Sounds terrible, doesn’t it?  Yet, for most of us locals the Polar Night period – which is called “kaamos” in Finnish – is actually a favorite:  it’s a time of peace and quiet and incredible natural beauty, with a blanket of fresh snow on the ground.  The sun hovers just below the horizon, creating awesome colors for us to enjoy during the daytime, and at night the Northern Lights are often dancing across the sky for our pleasure.

More and more visitors have discovered Kilpisjärvi in the off-season of October and November and spent a few days here in search of Northern Lights and arctic nature.  Here a few impressions of the past couple of months.

The winter season was launched last Sunday and will continue until early May.  Check out our  winter programs!

It’s that time of the year again when we say farewell to summer and start preparing for the snow season.  We’ve been busy hiking, fishing, river rafting, picking cloudberries and blueberries. . . enjoying the fantastic nature all around us.

It’s not too soon to start planning your fall or winter holiday in Kilpisjärvi.  If you want to visit in October or November please have a look at  Discover Kilpisjärvi Off-Season! From December on – earlier if the weather conditions allow – we’ll launch the winter activities,such as excursions to the three-country border, ice fishing, snowshoeing, husky sled rides and the chase after Northern Lights!

To find accommodations and other useful information check out Kilpisjärvi’s official  website.

Tervetuloa! Welcome!  Bienvenue!  Willkommen!

Yöttömien öiden aika on tältä kesältä ohi, ja käännymme hiljalleen kohti syyskesää.  Luonto on aivan kauneimmillaan, vehreyttä riittää runsaiden sateiden ansiosta, ja viime viikon helle – meille kilpisjärveläisille yli kahdenkymmenen asteen päivälämpötilat luetaan helteeksi – on hellinyt kyläläisiä ja lomalaisia.  Kilpisjärvellä riittää tekemistä:  suosituimmat päiväretket löydät täältä  ja ohjatut aktiviteetit löytyvät tästä linkistä.