A rare “heat wave” is washing over the arctic and here in Kilpisjärvi we’ve been pampered with unusually warm temperatures for a couple of weeks now – +20 C / 68 F is quite warm for us!  The nightless nights have been the source of plenty of sun and light, enough to last us for the long winter ahead.  The sun will set tomorrow, on July 24, for the first time in two months.

We and the huskies are on summer holiday, enjoying every moment  – but already missing winter!  If you, too, are missing winter, check out our guided winter activities “Safaris & Tours”.  And book your Kilpisjärvi winter holiday now!



Before we start praising our wonderful summer – which is just starting here in Kilpisjärvi – it’s time for the good news about next winter:  Safaris & Tours for winter 2018-2019 are now published on our website and we are ready to accept bookings.

It’s early summer here (if you’re well versed in the seasonal changes of the arctic region of Kilpisjärvi, you know that we have eight seasons rather than four and that the real summer does not start until later in June), with daytime temperature between + 5 C and + 10 C (in the 40’s Fahrenheit).  Next week we launch our summer programs:  fishing (for your dinner!), river rafting (in Finland and in Sweden, during the same trip), terrain biking (by the Finnish-Norwegian border), hiking with our Siberian huskies, and exploring nature in our magnificent “fell country”.

The midnight sun keeps us company until July 24.  After the sun sets the evenings start turning dark really fast, so by the end of August we usually have our first sightings of Aurora Borealis.  And then, in the first part of September, it’s time for the autumn colors, nature’s grand festival before starting to prepare for winter.  Our short and sweet summer should be on your bucket list!



We are not exaggerating when we say that Kilpisjärvi enjoys the longest snow season in Lapland!  We launched the Winter Safaris & Tours in November and we packed up the snowmobiles, the snowshoes and the dog sled in early May.  And what a season it was:  visitors from literally around the globe!  As in previous years, the top two were  Border Safari to the Three-Country Cairn of Finland, Norway and Sweden and the Husky Sled Ride.  Heartfelt thank you to all our guests for having chosen the village of Kilpisjärvi and Safaris – The Lapland Connection!  Stay tuned, next winter’s Safaris & Tours will be published soon.  Meanwhile, plan a trip to Kilpisjärvi’s arctic summer and check out the best offers in the following: Day trip suggestions and Summer Safaris & Tours.  

See you in Kilpisjärvi!

On the tundra

Viemme Sinut ja varusteesi Kilpisjärveltä moottorikelkan rekikyydissä tunturiin.  Hinnat ovat kokonaishintoja kuljetuksesta, johon mahtuu 5 – 6 henkilöä tavaroineen (tavaroiden max. paino 40 kg / henkilö).  Hintaesimerkkejä (sis. alv):

Kolmen valtakunnan rajapyykki  € 80
Termisjärvi    € 100
Saarijärvi   € 100
Kuonjarjoki    € 130
Meeko   € 160
Pitsus  € 210
Halti  € 250
Somas   € 250
Rostojärvi (Ruotsi)   € 280

Meiltä myös opastus ja uraluvat Haltin valloitukseen omilla moottorikelkoilla ajaville.  Hinta € 250 (opas omalla kelkalla), uralupa € 10 / kuljettaja.

Jos tarvitset lisätietoja tai haluat tehdä varauksen, lähetä meille sähköpostia osoitteeseen laplandconnection(at)gmail.com tai soita numeroon 040 142 6061.