We never get tired of them, and nor do our visitors, judging by their comments.  The polar night lasts from late November until mid-January – and while we have little daylight as the sun does not come up above the horizon, the beauty of those daylight moments more than makes up for the lack of it.


Summer in Kilpisjärvi is short but sweet.  The best time to visit starts after mid-June when the lake sheds its ice cover and the birches slowly turn green.  The nightless night continues until the latter part of July.  August brings the cloudberry season and September is the time for what we call “ruska”, the autumn foliage in a colorful feast.   Our husky puppies enjoyed their first summer and so did we!

We’ve had some busy times lately, with two new family members in our household:  Maya gave birth to two beautiful puppy girls on March 21.  Next winter they’ll join the husky team as sled dogs!

“Talvikki” is a Finnish name meaning a child born in winter. It is also the name of a flower. And she certainly is as beautiful as a flower!

Her name

Her name “Tuisku” translates into “blizzard”. Nomen est omen. Here she was captured in one of her rare calm moments!

Husky puppies Talvikki and Tuisku spent most of their time sleeping in the first few weeks of their life.

Husky puppies Talvikki and Tuisku spent most of their time sleeping in the first few weeks of their life.

A new member in our husky team since Christmas:  Ms. Maya!  A beautiful little husky lady, three years old, an excellent sled dog!  And keeps the boys in line!
Maya2MAYA.Winter has come and gone.  Here in Kilpisjärvi this means that we are experiencing “late winter”, one of our eight seasons.  The days are long and frequently filled with sunshine, the blanket of snow is at its deepest (close to one meter now), and the village is filled with people engaged in outdoor fun.
We’ve had a myriad of nationalities participating in our guided tours this winter season:  American, Australian, British, French, German, Japanese, Latvian, Russian, Singaporean, South African, Spanish, Swiss….  How did they all find their way here to Kilpisjärvi?
“Nous vous remercions pour votre accueill et votre gentillesse.  Grâce à vous nous garderons un très beau souvenir de votre magnifique pays.  Nous avons adoré les activités que nous avons faites…  Merci d’avoir fait de ce voyage une réussite. L’accomplissement d’un rêve.”  For those of us not understanding French, this lovely family thanks us for having fulfilled a dream of theirs.  What can we say…  except thank you, kiitos, for choosing Kilpisjärvi as your holiday destination!