Good-Bye Autumn, hello Winter!

Summer in Kilpisjärvi is short and sweet and with the coming of September the nights got chilly and the nature kicked off its feast of colors.

We took a few days for a personal holiday and headed off to Northern Norway on a camping trip in late August. Husky Nalle and Husky Nekku traveled with us and enjoyed every moment of it, and so did we. It was the husky boys’ first visit to the seashore and they were quite astonished to find out that the sea water was salty! No good for drinking, no good for swimming – and they both love to swim!

Kilpisjärvi is a great base for visiting the Lyngenfjord area which is full of magnificent scenery as well as intriguing culture and history. Check out the pages of Visit Lyngenfjord to find out more about this fascinating destination, suitable for a day trip from Kilpisjärvi – which we can organize for you – or for a longer stay.

Now it is early winter and that means that we are approaching the Polar Night. The days are already very short, but in October we also had many sunny days and a thin coat of snow covered the ground. The first days of November are bringing us some rain, but the weather is taking a turn soon and we hope to be snowmobiling and dog sledding within a couple of weeks’ time!

While international travel has been brought to a halt for the time being, we are ready to welcome you to Lapland and to Kilpisjärvi when it’s safe to travel again. Meanwhile – dream now, travel later and stay safe!

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