Dreaming of winter? Yes, we are in Kilpisjärvi, Lapland!

August brought us darkening evenings and the first glimpse of the Northern Lights. Now in early September we are enjoying the “ruska” period, the autumn foliage, which paints our nature in a feast of colors. And before we know it, winter will settle in again here in Kilpisjärvi.

Our region enjoys the privilege of having the longest winter in Finland – and the most frequently appearing Aurora Borealis. Furthermore, we are still a rather unknown and therefore peaceful destination so chances are that you do not need to mingle in large crowds when you choose Kilpisjärvi for your winter holiday.

And what can you do here in winter? Check out the Visit Kilpisjärvi Guided Winter Experiences for snow fun with Siberian huskies, snowshoes, snowmobiles, ice fishing and more. You can send us a booking request or buy your choice of experiences in our webshop.

In just a three more months we’ll be enjoying the winter landscapes again. Welcome to join us!

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