Winter is back – in Kilpisjärvi!

No doubt about it – winter has arrived in Kilpisjärvi!  Thanks to our northern high altitude location we get to enjoy winter earlier than most places in Lapland, and by now the ground is covered by a 20 cm blanket of snow and the temperature stays below 0 degrees Celsius.  Lake Kilpisjärvi is in the process of forming its permanent solid ice cover, and we expect to launch the winter season on schedule in the beginning of December , if not earlier.  Check out our our winter activities  and book your holiday to Lapland’s winter wonderland!

Meanwhile we observe the signs of winter’s arrival on Autumn Nature Trail,  we get acquainted with the history and culture of our village on a walking tour and chase the Northern Lights which statistically appear in Kilpisjärvi more often than anywhere else in Lapland. Welcome to Discover Kilpisjärvi Off-Season!

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