Summer in the Arctic!

It’s here again, at long last:  Summer, one of our eight seasons.  The nightless nights, the blue of the lake shimmering in the sunshine, the gentle southerly winds, the magnificent green of the birch trees, the amazing beauty of the arctic flowers.  Short, but oh so sweet, that’s what our summer is all about.   And yes, there are rainy and windy days, too, storms and frosty nights – but they all add to the experience.  Kilpisjärvi is simply the only one of its kind!

We’re taking folks on guided tours all year round, and in summer that means fishing trips on Lake Kilpisjärvi, terrain biking near the Norwegian border, and rafting & fishing on River Könkämäeno. Here you can find descriptions and prices: Safaris & Tours in Kilpisjärvi Summer & Autumn 2016.     The three absolute “must” do-it-yourself tours in Kilpisjärvi’s summer are a trip to the Three-Country Cairn, a climb to Mt. Saana and a hike through Malla Nature Reserve.  Descriptions to these three you can find here: Summer in Kilpisjärvi: Day Trip Suggestions.  And if you don’t want to venture out on your own, give us a call and book a local to accompany you.

See you soon!Martti, Kirppu ja Pyry


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