Bye Bye Arctic Summer!

Did you know that we have eight seasons here in Lapland?  In addition to summer, autumn, winter and spring we have “early summer”, “late summer”, “early winter” and “late winter”.  It only makes sense because our nature changes constantly according to temperature variations and the amount of daylight.

Summer starts in the latter half of June when we celebrate the Finnish Midsummer Festival (yes, for those living in southern Finland the end of June marks the middle of their summer while we are just starting out up here).  This year our festival weekend turned out to be freezing cold, with snow and sleet and stormy winds.  To compensate for the cold start we then enjoyed exceptionally warm weather, with lots of sunshine and barely any rain for weeks on end.


Huskies were delighted to find a patch of left-over snow where they could cool off on a hot day – temperatures over + 20 C are indeed hot for these arctic dogs.   Taking swims in the lake – the water temperature reached an unheard of + 15 C – was great fun for us all, visitors, locals and Siberian huskies!

Peni swims
Peni and Pyry in summer snow
Kilpisjärvi on August 2

Now we are gradually leaving summer behind.   Before settling in for winter the nature is giving us a show of spectacular colors, which we call “ruska”.  The ruska season is particularly popular among hiking groups.  Hikes to conquer Mt. Saana and across the Malla Nature Reserve top the list of routes and terrain bikers like the challenge of the road up Jehkas Fell.

Hiking in Malla Nature Reserve
Terrain biking

And now we, too, start preparing for winter and eagerly wait for the first snow…!

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