Summer is here – almost….

According to the calendar summer is here, but for someone not familiar with our arctic climate, it may not seem so.    Part of the lake is still frozen and we had a snowfall earlier today.  We had an unusual warm spell earlier this month, with temperatures nearing + 20 C, and soon thereafter the birch trees produced the first leaves.  Now there’s a feeling of summer, despite the chilly northerly winds and the occasional flurry of snow.  Guided summer activities such as Mountain Biking and River Rafting & Fishing on River Könkämäeno will be offered in July & August.  Meanwhile we’re getting ready to celebrate Finnish Midsummer festival next weekend.  That officially marks the end of winter season in Kilpisjärvi, with the annual skiing competition taking place on Friday, June 20.

Saana 13.06Kilpisjärvi 13.06.Kesän ensimmäinen kullero


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